I am Matthieu Selles, independant linguist since 2019.

Working as a translator, interpreter, proofreader and private teacher with both professionals and individuals under the company name MS Linguistics. I focus on language research and localization to carry out the projects I am involved in because, as I always say: "It's a matter of context!"

Let's get acquainted.

Born in Orléans, I did, however, spend most of my childhood in Hérault, near Montpellier, before returning to my roots in my native region, by settling down in Bourges, in the very heart of Berry. Since I am six, I am passionate about languages, espcially English, which I never stopped practising.

This fiery passion led me to direct my studies in the linguistic field with several specialization in English, in order to be provided with a deeper curriculum in this subject. To compensate the cons of pure through school learning and to complete the knowledge I acquired, I kept practising daily, by getting involved from the age of sixteen in translating websites, articles or guiding people through tourist attractions in both english and spanish. Such involvement and desire for improvement allowed me to graduate in 2018.

I then wished to plunge directly into the field that I loved and thus created my own company in 2019 "MS Linguistics" in order to provide my services to a larger amount of people and to make a living from my so long passion.

Take a look at my latest projects.

"Octodons.fr" articles translation

Book translation "Le Consensus fait rage" from Luc Tesson

Le consensus fait rage

Ainay-Le-Vieil castle booklet translation

Ainay-Le-Vieil EN